Economical 5x10 Storage Units

Low cost, perfect size—our 5x10 units are spot on!
All The Amenities You Need!

Facility Amenities

RV, Car, and Boat Parking
Drive-up Access
Fenced & Gated
Secure Units
Online Bill Pay
Superb Security Features
When you store your belongings or vehicle at Southside Self Storage, we want you to know the peace of mind in knowing they’re in safe hands. That’s why we’ve fitted our facility with the most important security features. First off, our grounds are fully fenced with gated access to keep out unwanted visitors. Not only that, but we also have high tech security cameras throughout.
Outdoor Vehicle Parking
Here at Southside Self Storage, we’re renowned for our reliable, affordable and clean storage units, but did you know we’re also the top choice for vehicle parking too? Our facility is the perfect place to park your car, trailer, RV, boat or other ride. Our prices are the lowest around and, thanks to our accessible location, you’ll never be far away.

Ideal for Contractors
If you're looking for a convenient and secure facility to store your valuable equipment look no further. You will have drive-up access at our facility for easy loading and unloading. We also offer online bill pay which allows you the convenience of taking care of the bill on your own time.


Southside Self Storage at 1510 Gihon Road is Parkersburg’s most popular and affordable storage facility. Open 7 days a week(SEE CONTACT PAGE FOR SPECIFICS), our units and parking options are also the top choice with residents of Vienna, Belpre, Davisville, Murphytown and beyond. Find us close to Godbey's Softball Park, DMV, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and Planet Fitness. Come check us out!

Check Out What Our Customers Are Saying

Reberto Bobby Sams on 04/21/2024
Had candles lit someone that couldn't mind there own business called in and lied saying I was burning plastic bare face lie Depity shows up cuts me a break told me that since I'm renting the unit he would allow me to stay but I would have to blow the candles out next morning 7am owner shows up with her daughter they saw my door open they decided to get law enforcement involved as well asking me if everything was mine as if I was taking property from other units wanting to see if my key went to the lock that my lawyer from charaston got for me there is so much more to share about this experience I'll end it with this 20 minutes into them waking me and rushing me as well and not leaving until they new I was out I finally ask if someone would call me a cab hoping maybe they would go on there way but instead they all asked if I had money for this cab I mean why would I call a cab being broke? that got under my skin anyway she allowed me to keep my unit witch was nice of them there cheap storage units 40 dollars a month email address as well. If your homeless don't think about it but if it crosses your mind don't have candles on..
Southside Self-Storage
1510 Gihon Rd
Parkersburg, WV 26101
(304) 834-5545